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Our Story

1. Development Space
2. Growing Process
3. Pioneering Period

4. Accumulation Period
5. Increasing Phase
6. Stable Phase

7.(1991~1992)50 million
8.(1992~2004)150 million

9.(2005~2009)500 million
10.(2010-present)2000 million

Bazhou Wanxin Industrial and Trading Co., Ltd. was established.

We introduced a batch of advanced equipment to further increase our production capacity, precision and product design system. Especially in 2004, we purchased a large number of imported equipment to make our products to reach a higher level of precision.

Wanxin became famous and gained great credibility in the industry; the quality of our steel pipe making machinery is highly praised by customers; our amount of orders continued rising.

We started to build our own foreign trade team instead of relying on other foreign trade companies; our foreign business vigorously developed and we had a number of stable clients and agents overseas.

In 2012, the general manager of Jinghua Innovation Group affirmed us and all of their 8 subsidiary companies prefer Wanxin equipment, including ERW pipe mill, SSAW pipe mill, slitting line, hot dip galvanizing line, etc.

In 2013, we purchased advanced machining center to further realize information resource sharing and improve production efficiency.

In 2014, we emphasized the development of technology and cooperated with the University of Science and Technology Beijing and set up a research center in May; we successfully obtained the production license of world's first 800H steel production line and had a technical cooperation with Baosteel's chief engineer.

In 2015, we have established Beijing Wanxin Ocean International Trade Co., Ltd. to ascend the word stage so as to better serve our overseas customers and develop the international market.